It’s the summer holidays and for many of us that means our normal schedules go out of the window – along with our fitness routines. That’s OK. Yes, you read that right. That’s because staying fit in the holidays often involves a change of mindset. Instead of beating yourself up for not doing exercise to your usual level, congratulate yourself on small wins. This is your insurance that will mean you won’t be trying to repair the damage of the summer holidays in September.

Studies have consistently shown that even small amounts of exercise are better than none. If you can’t go for a run, at least go for a walk. If you missed the first half of a bootcamp you signed up for, rather than think there’s no point in doing the rest, do the rest! If you can’t leave your desk, take some deep breaths, stretch and do some seated marching.

Don’t forget the holiday activities that may not strike you as exercise but most certainly are: the paddleboarding and the surfing sessions, the beach walks, the splash around in the pool, the city walking tour and those steps you climbed to that look-out. These will all help maintain your fitness. Give yourself a high five!

It’s important not to think of the smaller bouts of exercise as failures to do something bigger. Think of them as successes that got you moving. If you keep track and celebrate the wins, you will actually feel great about yourself. Not only that, but your mindset will morph into one focused on positive health behaviours. This will inspire you to repeat the behaviour and build healthier habits. You may even find you start competing with yourself to out-do what you did last time. Before you know it staying fit in the holidays will seem like an easy win.

Have a wonderfully happy summer!