Movement in Nature

Exercise in nature, to thrive in midlife and beyond.

Remember your evolutionary biology and add movement in nature back into your modern life.

We know exercise can improve our health. It helps blood pressure, cardiovascular function and immunity. It strengthens muscles, reduces inflammation and aids in regulating hormones. It reduces our risk of chronic disease.

Time spent in nature also benefits our health. This is because we evolved in nature. Spending time in a natural setting improves our mood, reduces stress and eases anxiety. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases natural killer immunity and accelerates recovery from illness. Exposure to natural light sets our body clocks, improves sleep quality and boosts vitamin D levels.

Exercise in nature offers so much more than the standard workout.

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Our overall health is affected by our fitness, physical health and mental health. All are interconnected and impact each other. Movement in nature supports all three of these.

Another boost to our mental health can come from spending time with others. Exercising outdoors with like-minded people provides us with the benefits of movement, nature and social connection.

We’ve found a way to positively impact our overall health. We’ve found the perfect balance.


Gen is a fantastic instructor, taking into account everyone’s level and experience and tailoring classes for individuals. It’s always a friendly group and always in gorgeous surroundings. Highly recommended.


Would highly recommend Ottery Forest Fit. A friendly, lovely group, supportive and helping you to achieve your goals.


Highly recommended. Great fun and you can work at your own pace with lots of support, encouragement and friendship.


Fantastic classes in a beautiful location. Rain or shine, it’s brill! You can work at your own pace too, as Gen cleverly adapts the exercises for all abilities. Would highly recommend.


I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed exercise more, as I’m not a natural athlete! Thank you!


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